Sunday, 2 March 2014

Week 5

Hey there,

Our focus this week is on the sound b (benny bear likes honey) and the numeral 2

We are learning to identify the stages of a life cycle of a monarch butterfly and to identify what symmetry is and create a symmetrical pattern (reflection/mirror).
- talk about all the things that start with bbbb (make the sound of the letter rather than saying "What starts with b?")
- Write the letter
- Find things that start with bbbb

Compare it to their name - ask What sound can you hear at the beginning of your name e.g. "Cccccc cat" (like Corey Clown!) 

Practice the letters we have been learning so far this year and refer to your Yellow letter links home book. e.g. c - Corey Clown, f - Fergus Frogman, b - Benny Bear, e - Emma Egg, P - Pippy Pig.

In Numeracy we continue to work on number recognition and writing the numerals.

Please practise writing LOWER CASE letters (especially in your child's name).

Also, it would be lovely to have some more parent/grandparent help. Please let me know if you are available. 

Date for your diary: FRIDAY MARCH 21st WHOLE SCHOOL /Community MARAE VISIT.

Many thanks,

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