Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Week 4

LAKE ROTOKARE HAS BEEN POSTPONED - NEW DATE 28th August! (fingers crossed for sunshine!)

We are learning about tr (blend) d - diggle dog/dirt and the numeral 6

This week we continue our inquiry into Our Place/ Our environment. We talked about what seeds need to live and we created a pic collage on the iPad to show what seeds need: dirt/soil, sun, water, fresh air.

The children will be tested every Tuesday (I think) When they complete the stage they are on they receive a special piece of treasure from the Treasure Chest. Very exciting. Please practice the ideas on the cards - if you have any questions or there are things that need to be clarified please let me know (I am just trialling this programme to see how it goes - so far so good!!!)

We have come to the end of our RE learning about God. The children have taken their RE books home. Please spend some time talking about our RE learning at home, finish colouring in unfinished work and have some fun :) Please return the book by Friday if possible.


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