Monday, 28 July 2014


Welcome back to TERM 3!

We have been continuing our inquiry into water and weather. Last week we looked at the sound f, s, and the blends - (two letters, two sounds) fr and sn.
We are learning to re-tell a story in our own words. We re-wrote the story FROZEN and made a Room 2 big book (come in and have a look!)

We also made snow and talked about 'adjectives'/ describing words.


This week we are learning about the sound h (Happy Hannah) and the digraph (two letters one sound) ch - Chocolate

We are learning to... identify the process of Hot Chocolate making and come up with a set of adjectives (describing words) to describe what our hot chocolates tasted like.

- Describing words make our stories more exciting and interesting

THIS WEDNESDAY. Please remember to come in SUITABLE Mufti - gumboots, WARM clothes e.g. track pants, beanie, thermals, jacket.
Bring a large packed lunch and water bottle and Car Seat/Booster

*****I will notify you ASAP if the trip is postponed - Next date will be wednesday week 4

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