Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Inquiry Learning i - ICE BLOCKS

Week 5

The children will… Identify 2 reasons why a chemical change occurs. AND complete a flow chart for "how to make an ice block"

- the sound i - I makes two sounds - i as in Itsy Ibb and i as in Isacc I 

- The numeral 11 (practice writing it, reading it and counting it)


I am sure the children would have told you we are having a HAPPY HOUR on Friday!
We are having this because the children filled their class incentive board up. In order to do this they have been responsible, cooperative, kind friends. This is a celebration of their achievement.

When - Friday
Who - Room Two Children

The children have decided they would like to have a Dress up Happy Hour (They can come dressed up however they like e.g. Pyjamas, Princess, Super man, Spider man, Bat man, Rugby Player etc…)

We are also going to have a Teddie Bears Picnic - So they can also bring a soft toy /Doll

Well Done Room Two!

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