Monday, 19 May 2014

Kia ora - Week 3, Term 2

Kia ora everyone, I can't believe it's now week 3!!!!

Welcome to our lovely new students Emily and Mei.

This week we continue our inquiry into "so… who belongs here?" We talked about how we are all special and unique and we are also all different and that we respect one another and ourselves.

We are also learning about the word ending (ing) and revising the sounds p, s and v

We began painting self portraits - we looked at ourselves in the mirror to see how special we are. We are all God's most special creation!

I hope you all got a copy of our newsletter today, I know it is lengthy!!!!! But it has a lot of helpful information in it. Keep it in a safe place :) Also, there is a mistake in it - I said Room 4's library time is Thursday but of course, we are Room 2 now.

Many thanks,



  1. Thanks. Its great to re-read these notices... Even though we have had this before it is good to refresh on tips and tricks for reading etc...